Our reality is a reflection of the vibration we are most dominantly tuned to. Which can be very frustrating when we somehow tune ourselves to the “channel of lack” rather than the channel of abundance.

You know that you are meant to receive an infinite supply of abundance, you understand that we are living in an infinitely abundant universe. You have asked, and asked….. and asked the universe for the more abundance. You have tried to stay positive, patiently waiting for your turn.

Most people are unintentionally repelling abundance. Is money purely the result of vibration and not of hard work? What’s blocking your abundance?

Find out in this jam-packed, 2 hour, workshop as the Angelic Guides share their profound wisdom to help anyone begin aligning, attracting and magnifying abundance!


2 hours of jam-packed words of wisdom – The Angelic Guides share their perspective on how to best attract, align, and magnify abundance.

Does the manifestation of financial abundance need to be aligned with our purpose in life and with our Higher Self? – Have a pen and paper handy, as we dive into all sorts of questions surrounding abundance.

Learn the 3 biggest mistakes people make when trying to attract abundance – everyone has the ability to manifest financial abundance. Is it based on luck? Is it about who’s most deserving? Destiny? Karma? Limiting beliefs?

 Q&A – We dive into the most burning questions that so many have about attracting abundance and we get to hear what the Angels have to say! The Angels answer questions like: How does one align to the frequency of abundance if we’ve felt lack all our life? What are some ways that we can remove our money blocks? What blocks abundance most? And what can I do to stop blocking it? How fast can I alter my financial situation?

 Channeled meditation – to help you align your mind, body and spirit to finally release the fear of lack and attract the abundance you deserve!

*This is an online workshop, no travel necessary.

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