You have tried to transform your body over and over again.  You have seemingly tried everything; sometimes you start to see small changes but they don’t ever last. Why?

As you look around you see those who have what you want; they have the body you desire. They exude confidence, they look great in everything they try on and they make it look so easy.  They barely exercise and they eat whatever they want. Umm yes please, can I have that too?

Most people are unintentionally sabotaging their body’s ability to lose weight. Instead they are left with the opposite of what they desire; the weight stays on or comes right back no matter what grueling physical regiment they put their body through.

Does the food you eat actually matter? Does genetics pre-determine your weight? Is exercise a necessity? Can you loose weight without changing your diet?

Find out in this jam-packed, 2 hour, workshop as we dive deep into the misconceptions, blocks and resistance that most create when trying to transform their body.  Whether you have tried to shed those last few stubborn pounds or you are looking to completely transform your body, you won’t want to miss this!

You’ve tried so many other ways to loose weight, now try the one way that actually works.


2 hours of jam-packed words of wisdom- The Angelic Guides share their perspective on transforming our body from the inside out so we can love the skin we’re in!

What works best and why? Exercise, diet, vegan, paleo, keto, gluten free which one is best? It’s hard to make sense of what’s best with so many myths, misconceptions and misinformation out there. Have a pen and paper handy, as we dive into powerful techniques, concepts and answers.

Learn the 3 foods- that everyone should be ingesting regularly to shed weight easily!

 LIVE Q&A- Get your questions answered once and for all! We will dive into many myths, fears, concerns and questions of all kinds.

 Channeled meditation- It’s time to shatter those limiting beliefs and align your mind, body and spirit so you can shed the weight and transform your body.

*This is an online workshop, no travel necessary.

But don’t just take our word for it….take a look at what other students are saying.

Is this workshop going to be recorded? Yes, we will record the workshop and will be available to everyone who purchases a seat.
If I can’t attend live, will I still be able to submit a question? Yes everyone who purchases a seat for the live online workshop will have the opportunity to submit his or her questions ahead of time.
Does the recording expire? No, the recording link will not expire.