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LIVE: Healing Your Body From The Inside Out

Saturday, August 24th at 10:30am EDT

Let’s get to the real root of your pain. In this Live 2 hour workshop we will be exploring the connection between your emotions and the physical pain they cause.

Have you ever stubbed your toe, injured your shoulder, or cut your finger? We’ve all manifest injuries from time to time, but the real question is why? What thoughts caused us to attract that experience in the first place?

Want to find out what emotions are connected to joint pain, heart problems, digestion issues, arthritis, migraines, blood disorders, auto immune diseases, and so much more?

How to Free Yourself and Become Fearless

This jam-packed 2 hour workshop is filled with both practical techniques as well as enlightening concepts to help you rewire your brain for success instead of failure.

Have you ever thought about what you would do differently if you were guaranteed you would be successful? Did you know that you can deactivate limiting beliefs and finally stop the cycle of self sabotage? But you can’t change what you don’t know.  So let’s discover together where to look and how to replace them with the beliefs that will serve you best!

It’s time to put your doubts and fears to rest and start living the life of your dreams!
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Weight Loss Workshop

This jam-packed 2 hour workshop is filled with both practical techniques as well as enlightening concepts to help you transform your body from the inside out.
Diets, and exercise can be helpful but they don’t always work the same for everyone. Why is that?
Are there foods that help you loose weight faster? Are there energetic blocks to loosing weight?
The Angels share the missing piece that is essential for transforming your body. Whether you are trying to shed those last few pounds or you are wanting to completely transform your body, you don’t want to miss this!

Natural Remedies for Optimal Health and Wellbeing Workshop

Our bodies are naturally designed to regenerate and heal from any ailment, injury and disease so why do some people live years in pain and sickness?

Our vibrational and emotional states are incredibly important in creating the optimal environment for health and wellbeing, however the foods that we consume and the activities we participate in are the tools our bodies use to function properly.  Join me as we explore many holistic remedies and concepts from the Angelic Guides to relieve even the most stubborn illnesses, ailments and diseases.

Abundance Workshop: Aligning, Attracting and Magnifying Abundance

Do you have abundance blocks? You’ve heard of the law of attraction, but most don’t realize that it’s not quite as simple as thinking positively.

What if you are unknowingly repelling the vibration of abundance? What if you are unintentionally magnifying lack instead of allowing abundance to freely flow into your reality?

This 2 hour workshop is sure to help you shatter those limiting beliefs and help you to attract the abundance you deserve.

Crystal Healing Workshop

Did you know that Citrine amplifies your ability to attract abundance, soothes the digestive tract, improves your focus and helps to release your fears and phobias?  Crystals can be an extremely effective tool to enhance and improve your daily life.  But how? Do you need to hold them or wear them in order to work, or can you be near them? How do you know which ones are best for you?

Find out in this jam- packed, 2 hour, Crystal Workshop where we dive into everything you need to know about crystals and what you can do to use them to improve your life.