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Join a community of thousands using these simple & wildly effective techniques to connect easily & effortlessly with their Guides, Angels and Higher Self.

Can you imagine being able to ask your guides
anything you wanted?




Yet, despite all of these doubts, your desire to be able to consciously and deliberately connect with the higher realms is still ever present, because you know deep down that making that connection and being able to receive the guidance you continually request is the key to changing your life for the better in so many unfathomable ways. So even if you think you’re not capable of connecting, and you’re filled with fears, blocks and resistance that you believe is standing in your way… There is still a way for you to learn to channel.


You can ask the questions that are important to you, anytime you choose to connect, all while using extremely effective techniques.

Receive clear guidance on even the most complex challenges you are facing in your life (This one is a life changer!)

And tap into the infinitely abundant resources this Universe has to offer and FINALLY make sense of the confusion that so many feel.

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there”

4 common myths that keep you from making a clear connection...



Most people believe that they are not capable of channeling because they have been lead to believe that channeling is only reserved for a lucky few.

This couldn’t be more wrong.

The Angels have made it extremely clear that we are all born with this innate ability and its our complete reliance upon the physical senses which often times erodes our connection over time.

I’ve witnessed countless clients successfully make the connection with the higher realms and YOU can be next!



Many people believe that it takes years to learn to channel.

Well, it certainly can, but it certainly doesn’t have to.

We are all born with the knowledge to channel but over time, like anything, because we don’t use our ability it becomes weak.

So we need to strengthen our ability again to connect with our angels.

I’m so excited to share with you all the tools, knowledge and experience that I have and hand it over to you.



Many people are concerned that once they open themselves up to channeling, they will become inundated with spirits wanting to connect.

Sure there are billions of beings eager to connect consciously with you, but you are always in control of the connection.

The Angels share an incredibly effective technique to politely close the door when you’re not interested in connecting.

Think of the connection like a phone, both parties have to be willing to stay on the phone if you want to continue the conversation.



Many people are concerned that if they channel they could become possessed by another being and loose control.

You ALWAYS remain in control, and we will guide you safely to making the connection with your guides in a way that feels comfortable and soothing to you.

Channeling is a direct connection to your energy and the connections you are seeking.

If you are not seeking negative connections you will not reveive them.


You find a nice quiet place, you get into a comfy position. Maybe you
light a good smelling candle.

You sit quietly and begin trying to quiet your mind… only moments later you find your “monkey mind” chattering in the background about all the things you need to get done. All the MISTAKES you ever made, all the things you should have said… UGH!

SHHHHHH, ok, you begin again. You begin to quiet your mind.


You push past the fears and place a white bubble of protection around yourself.

Maybe you do quiet your mind long enough to begin to pose a question.

Well maybe…

“Was that just my mind answering the question?”

“How do I know the difference between mind chatter and channeling?”

“Did it come through easily? Maybe it should have been more difficult?”

“Surely messages from the higher realms should feel more profound.”

And on and on and on the cycle goes until most get too frustrated that they eventually give up.

Channeling becomes a distant pipe dream that you would love to be able to do someday, and if you could just find a way to connect and move past whatever is blocking you…

Everything in your life changes...

With the right techniques & step-by-step training, you’ll be able to:

Quiet your mind with ease and finally SILENCE that incessant mind chatter on demand.

Overcome the doubts, fears and blocks that may have been holding you back from making a clear connection.

Discover your intuitive language, no more guessing & wondering if you are doing it ‘right’.

Succesfully channel your own guides, higher-self, angels or loves ones (once you can channel you can connect with any being).

Mind chatter vs channeling; decipher between mind chatter and channeled information that you’ve received.

Safely & quickly connect with your higher-self or any being awaiting to lovingly support & guide you ANYTIME you want.

But most importantly...

Learning to channel will give you the confidence to KNOW that you are being divinely guided at all times and in all circumstances in your life.

“This is THE channeling course for anyone who is wanting to take the easy path to channeling without all the long rituals and tons of meditating. Such simple, short yet powerful exercises! I’m having SUCH a blast connecting with my guides, asking questions and actually receiving answers for all aspects of my life. It is SO much fun! Now I know what you mean when you said you have your very own personal Google!”

Allison Phillips

“I have found the course fascinating and very helpful. I have had experiences all my life but never understood them or what I should be doing with them. Things started to change very quickly once I started the course and I would find myself having experiences to what I would be studying in the modules. I had a lot of revelations while going through the course. I was able to connect with arch angel Raphael which was strange for me at first as I have never been able to connect with an Angel before. When I asked who it was, I heard his name so clear in my mind. I felt him wrap me in his wings and I felt so protected. This was such an incredible experience. Thank you!”

Maria Lay

“As someone who is brand new to all of this I didn’t know what to expect. But having said that, you blew me away. As I went through this course, I found myself having lots of questions and what I found to be the most helpful were the live coaching calls where I could listen to the answers to my questions as well as learn from the answers to other peoples questions. The live coaching calls are the BEST! Thank you for all that you do.”

Deborah Lall

“Taryn is such a clear teacher. I found the lessons to be well rounded and placed in a very clear order. It really made the learning process much easier. Most of my questions were answered along the way in the lessons but any questions that I still had when I began to practice the lessons were answered during the live coaching calls. This course is well executed and put together very professionally. I will continue to practice and I hope to one day be able to channel like Taryn.”

Jennifer Adams

Learn to Channel

This program is jam-packed with tools, techniques, study guides, meditations and bonuses to help you sidestep those challenges and get you connecting to the higher realmsFAST!


Take a sneak peak inside!



Building a solid foundation for clear communication

Lesson 1Understanding Channeling – A full comprehensive training where we dive into the fears, concerns and myths about channeling, to help you leave those fears at the door.

Lesson 2Tuning to the broadcast channel – Quieting your mind is a must in order to receive accurate answers to your questions. Explore what the broadcast channel is and more importantly how you can accurately tune to it.

Lesson 3Protexting your energetic field – Feeling safe and protected is essential to clear communication. We dive into many different processes that effectively help you safely connect.


Making the connection

Lesson 1Chakra Alignment – Mind, Body, Spirit – We begin module 2 with a chakra alignment to ensure you are perfectly aligned in order to begin connecting with the Higher Realms.

Lesson 2Meeting Your Guides and Angels – Have you ever wondered what your Guide and Angels names are? Find out in this lesson when we make the connection and get to know your Guides.

Lesson 3Signs, Dreams & Interpreting Messages – Sometimes we receive messages through signs and dreams. But if we don’t know what they mean, it isn’t much use to us. Learn what the numbers, symbols, and dreams mean for you!

Lesson 4Mind Chatter VS. Channeled Messages – It’s easy to get confused when we first begin channeling. How can we be sure we are actually channeling? What if I’m just making it up? Get a much clearer understanding of how you can tell the difference.


Connnecting, allowing and releasing

Lesson 1Channeling The Energy of The Higher Reals – Begin with a guided meditation to allow for complete peace of mind before we dive into exercises that help you connect easily, effortlessly and safely.

Lesson 2Discover Your Path of Least Resistance – What is your most natural path of channeling? Are you more than one? What does channeling feel like for you? Find out in this lesson as we dive deeper into our connection.

Lesson 3Releasing Blocks, REsistance, and Limiting Beliefs – Inevitably we all hit those road blocks, or have fears or limiting beliefs that slow our progress and make it difficult to connect clearly. We go into great detail of what you can do to move past those fears easily to get you connect with ease.


Strengthening your channeling ability

Lesson 1Flexing Those Intuitive Muscles – Effective channeling exercises to help you flex your intuitive muscles. Like any other muscle in our body, the more you use it, the stronger it gets!

Lesson 2Building a Stronger Relationship with the Higher Realms – Relying on your Guides, Higher Self and Angles for clear guidance and assistance is paramount. Learn how to build a strong bond and relationship with your Guides.

Lesson 3Strengthening Your Channeling Ability – Guided channeling exercises to help you further strengthen your channeling ability.

Lesson 4Moving Forward – Improving Your Ability – Channeling is a never-ending journey. There is no finish line. Sure there is a wonderful place where you feel confident in your ability to connect and now that you have a very solid foundation you can build upon this ability in so many fun and exciting ways.
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The FULL Learn to Channel training course: Lifetime access to all 3 Modules, downloadable checklists, cheat-sheets and audio. Value $699 – Included



The Learn to Channel Mastermind Call: Get the answers to the most common questions people have when channeling. A full hour and a half jam-packed with people like you from around the world, as I dive in with them and answer the questions they had after taking the Learn to channel course. Value $149.00 – Included



The Complete Chakra Alignment Guide: Find out which chakras are out of balance or are in need of some fine-tuning. A fully aligned energetic body creates a fully aligned physical body. Value $97 – Included



Guided Meditation to Complete Peace: This 20-minute guided meditation will help you find the complete peace and stillness necessary to connect with your Guides, Loved ones, and Angels. Value $49 – Included



40 Questions: Not sure what to ask your guides? Use these 40 questions as a roadmap to help you better connect with the higher realms. Value $49 – Included



Interpreting Signs, Numbers and Colors BONUS – Have you been seeing repeating numbers and signs but now quite sure what they mean? Use this special bonus to help you to better understand the messages you are receiving from the higher realms. Value $49 – Included

When you add it all up that’s a total value of $1092.00

But because I’m super excited to welcome you (and watch you connect with the higher realms safely, easily and quickly) I’m giving you the chance to enrol in the Learn to Channel training course TODAY at the special promo price of just…


3 payments of (USD)



Single payment of (USD)



Learn To Channel is the most comprehensive of it’s kind offering simple and wildly effect proccesses to channel your higher-self.

But just incase it’s not the right fit for you we offer a 10 day money back guarantee for you to take a look at the course, and try a few lessons to see if it’s a good fit. You can learn more about our terms and conditions HERE.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful course. I’m so glad I found you. You really helped me to put aside all my fears and now I feel that I am able to channel again. Before the course, I started to have fears of connecting with beings that may not have good intentions. But this course helped me to overcome that and I truly appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. I feel I can now enjoy my gifts again.”

Stephanie Robertson

“This course was very well put together, easy to follow and I loved that I could take it at my own pace. There were some lessons I felt confident immediately in and others I felt I needed more review. I was able to repeat the lessons that I needed some more practice with which has helped me to get in touch with the wisdom that my higher self has to offer as well as my grandmother who passed away 4 years ago. Thank you very much Dr. Crimi.”

Christoph LeDeux

A little birdie above told me
you have questions...

No channeling experience is needed in order to take full advantage of this course

Absolutely, whether you are a seasoned channeler or have just begun to dabble in communicating with the higher realms, you will absolutely gain valuable knowledge, tips and techniques that have worked for countless others just like you.

Lets face it, many of us lead busy lives. It was extremely important to me when I learned how to connect that I could communicate at any time any where, not just for the brief few moments of alone time I have in a day. In this training course we offer loads of techniques to help you connect in your day to day life. You don’t have to set aside long periods of time or perform long drawn out rituals in order to connect. The Angels want us to be able to communicate with them deliberately, anytime we desire. Now I could be in the middle of Time Square and I can clearly connect with them!

The entire course is waiting for you right now. That means that all 5 modules, with over 20 training videos, will be accessible the minute you log in to your member area.

So there’s no worry about attending live. No need! You get to go at your own pace!

The entire course is ready for you right now. You are free to move as quickly or as slowly as you want. You can re-listen, pause, fast forward and rewind as often as you need to.

We offer a 10 day money back guarantee for you to take a look at the course, and try a few lessons to see if it’s a good fit.  You can learn more about our terms and conditions here

Most people typically begin receiving answers to their questions immediately upon taking the Learn to Channel Course. You will be instructed to partake in the questions offered during the course which will help you to better decipher messages received from the higher realms vs. mind chatter.

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“There really is no end to how helpful your intuition can be when developed properly. Ready to tap into the incredible wisom you’ve had inside all along?”

Taryn Crimi