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The 3 Biggest Myths
About The Law of Attraction
And why they aren’t true.

There are a lot of myths, misconceptions and inaccurate assumptions made about what the Law of attraction will and will not do. Millions are now aware that their thoughts are important but much less, have a true understanding how deliberate manifestation actually occurs.

Once you become aware that your thoughts actually impact your experience, the immediate concern is what if I accidentally manifest something I don’t want, or worse, what if I manifest my fears?

Myth #1: You Should Never Have Negative Thoughts – Or They Will Manifest

Here’s the thing, the Law of Attraction isn’t a wishing well. There are billions of people that really want something (some even desperately need something) but that doesn’t mean they will actually manifest it.

So why does it come to some people and not to others?

The only thing that matters when it comes to ANY manifestation (deliberate or unintentional) is your vibration.

It’s not necessary nor is it even practical to expect yourself to never have a negative thought. What matters is how

much attention you place on a thought. How much energy and focus are you placing on that particular scenario?

If it’s a fleeting thought that passes through, there was very little if any attention placed on that experience.

Of course, being optimistic is always a wonderful quality to possess, and frankly can be very helpful when you actually believe it will work out, rather than just hoping it will work out.

But the truth is, positive thinking and wishful thinking are often mistaken for being the same thing (which could not be more wrong…there is a BIG difference).

When most people refer to positive thinking, they are implying that are trying to be positive about a bad situation.

However positive thinking isn’t about trying to convince yourself that something that is emotionally or physically painful is a good thing. If you aren’t making changes in your behaviors, your perspective or your emotions, how could anything possibly get better? (even if you really really need it to get better)

They can’t. If your vibration hasn’t changed, then you can’t experience anything different than what you’ve been experiencing.

Why? Because you can only experience what you resonate with.

When the situation is frustrating and upsetting it’s not going to serve you to pretend like it’s not. The frustration, anger, or sadness you feel is based on only one thing; your perspective.

When you choose to change your perspective, you can see the circumstance from a completely new angle that allows you to see the situation differently. This allows you to align with not only thinking positively, but more importantly you are feeling more positive.

Your new outlook was spurred on by changing your focus, which directly impacted your emotions which gives you the feedback that your vibration has actually changed.

A change in vibration is the only thing that can alter the experiences you attract

Myth #2: Negative thoughts are stronger than positive thoughts.

There is a growing myth that a negative emotion or thought is stronger than a positive emotion or thought. (Completely wrong) But there is some merit in this myth that is worth taking a look at.

We just addressed the one and only thing that can create or repel a desire- it’s our vibration. We pulse out a frequency from the second we are conceived.

The interesting thing is, you don’t need to be consciously aware of this in order for it to still inevitably occur.

It’s like gravity. Whether you know about it, believe in it, or are completely consciously aware of it, it’s still going to work the same.

You are a giant beacon that is pulsing a vibration out and also receiving the vibrations in your environment.

How do we know what frequency of vibration we are emitting? By our emotions. The way that you feel will always give you the most up to date feedback of exactly where your vibrational energy is tuned to.

Research has shown us that negative emotions are slower and lower frequencies, and positive emotions emit a higher frequency.

So, what does that have to do with which one is stronger?

The important thing to consider is, it all comes down to which thought are you giving more energy to? How fast or how high or how low a frequency is, doesn’t give it more power over another. Any more than the color red vs. green.

The thought that has the most momentum will always win. We are the ones that are giving the thought it’s momentum.

All thought, and all energy is inherently neutral. It has no value by itself, unless the perceiver labels it as positive or negative.

So, in other words, fear is a much stronger emotional state than indifference.Most people fear the worst, and hope for the best. The energy of an actual fear is extremely powerful, while a hopeful feeling straddles optimism and doubt. You want it but you don’t think it’s very likely to happen.

On the other side, emotions and feelings of love, certainty, faith, and joy are all equally as strong when you give your energy to it. So, it is not the thought alone that has more power than another, it all comes down to how much power you put into that thought, how much energy and emotion are you feeding into that thought? That’s what gives anything power. It’s you!

Myth #3: Someone Else’s Negativity Can Block Your Manifestation

Can someone else’s negative energy sabotage all your good vibes? This is a big concern for a lot of people, and rightly so. You don’t want to do the internal work and get your mind right, if someone else’s can just come and squash all the good you just put out there.

Especially when they find themselves in a relationship or a business partnership or venture with someone else that is actively working on the same thing. (But they have a very different perspective than you do – a negative one)

Ok, here’s the bottom line.

No one can negatively impact your thoughts, your feelings, or your perspective unless, you allow them to.

If you allow their negative perspective to begin to seep into your thoughts and allow yourself to become sucked down into their lower vibrational energy then it will absolutely negatively impact your ability to create the desire.

But if you continue to keep your “eye on the prize” and know that one way or another this end result you are reaching for will come about, there isn’t anyone or anything that can stop you from manifesting it.


There are tons of myths about how deliberate manifestation works.

It’s not about thinking positive, it’s not about shouting out a million affirmations, and it’s not about how hard you work or whether you are deserving.

It’s actually pretty simple. It’s all about how you feel. Our emotions are like our built- in little energy meters that let us know where we are vibrating.

Become so highly selective about every thought, every focus, every single piece of content you subject yourself to.

Why? Because how you feel is going to naturally draw more experiences to you that will magnify that vibration.

Here’s the amazing thing about it though…. It doesn’t matter why you feel good, all that matters is that you do.